Is there any Good place after death?

Did you ever wonder what’s happening with the human soul after death? If there is any place like Heaven or Hell or just blank space where your soul can float forever? If there is any, how do I get there? And maybe the most important how do I get to The Good Place?

Even though none one can answer this questions, Netflix is coming with an interesting look at this subject.  I would like to introduce you to “The Good Place” Netflix series!

Psst, there is no spoilers, the information in this article you can find in first few minutes of the first episode so don’t worry.

the Good Place
The Good Place Netflix series

To be honest, this series was probably the only one that I started by accident, none before recommend it to me. It was showing up on Netflix from few days as new arrival so… I clicked and trust me it was worth it!

The story begins when our main character Eleanor Shellstrop waking up in an empty waiting hall. After few minutes showing up another character Michael who introduce her to “The Good Place” which is Utopian dream- like place designed by him. Of course, as Michael describe, work of his life was specially designed for people who were truly good and proved that in their life on earth. To make sure all that people who deserve a place in Heaven will actually get here, the Architect used significant, complex system which counting down everything anyone ever done in his/her life. So in the afterlife, it becomes as obvious you were good or not, as balance on your bank account.

The Good Place, a balance of good and bad deeds
The Good Place, the balance of good and bad deeds

And probably your question is… what’s wrong with this place? It can’t be so perfect! Well, not so far after the walk on the whole neighbourhood our main character realize that she doesn’t belong to this place.  And here it start to be the ride without the seatbelts!

I think this is one of my favourite comedy series I ever watched. First, because it is simply fun, you will find here situation jokes, ridiculousness, interesting plot twists. Secondly,  the plot is keeping you in constant suspense. Every episode has an event important for the main story even if it seems innocent.  And finally, The cast! Behind every character, you will find a story, the reason why their personality grew up in this direction. All the changes perfectly showed through all the episodes.


If you never heard about this series, you should totally give it a try! if not for the hilarious play of the actors, then maybe for the well-joined references to philosophy and ethics? This is not just typical stupid comedy, besides parody style look, this Netflix production pointing serious questions about the afterlife. It doesn’t dispel doubts but for sure give a new fresh light to this topic.

Thank you for getting to the end of this article! I would really appreciate your comment down below! Did you see this series?  If yes do you agree with me? If no, please let me know if you feel intrigued 🙂

Here is a quick link to the series so you can start watching straight away 😮


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